Meet Bisma Parveez Mir; a self-taught artist from Kashmir


Bisma Parveez Mir (26), a self-taught young Artist from Kashmir, completed her bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at SSM College of Engineering and Technology and currently pursuing M.Tech at National Institute of Technology (NIT), Srinagar.

What was your aim when you were a student, did this painting changed your objective?

I was so passionate about learning things right from my childhood that might be related to my studies, sports, or creativity. I always love to learn and explore new ideas and aimed to investigate the science behind everything, merely accepting things was not my thing; I used to ask many questions. Through this, I developed a considerable interest in science and by learning’s ideas would flourish into my mind, and then I either used to write them or draw them as a means of expression for me. Being introvert, I found it difficult to express myself, so I opted a way of painting to express my views on any issue. This painting took a progressive change in a way that I started articulating myself.

When you started painting and what was your first piece of art?

I started painting a long ago but was not entirely indulged in it due to my studies, but on weekends I used to draw landscapes and few more detailed drawings. My first piece of art as far as I remember was a small cottage in a beautiful countryside. I loved to imagine myself there; even today, I have the same feelings.

What are the exciting areas you want to highlight in your paintings?

Being a nature lover, I am a keen observer. Therefore, I love to paint nature in various forms. I am feeling exciting as being part of beautiful Kashmir. We are blessed with beauty in its pure form, and then we have our traditional and cultural heritage, our monuments, that inspire me a lot. Moreover being an artist, I must spread awareness through my art. I also, draw conceptual art, but the most important, what I feel about Kashmir resistance I put that on my canvas and express. As an artist, I can’t close my eyes to the situations of Kashmir.

What is the inspiration for you to become an artist?

My inspiration is my Kashmir, its natural beauty, its cultures, and traditions and of course, the pains of oppression are driving forces. When your actions seize to control the situation, then your pen and paintwork to express that pain, anger, and injustice done with your people. I not only draw that but also pen down the pain because I can feel that, then it becomes easy for me to express that.

What does painting mean to you?

Painting for me is a way of expression, where I can’t reach out through my voice, so my art reaches there and conveys the message. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. I was always eager to do something for my society. Now I am doing that through my art. I understood that art is a potent tool it expresses the unexpressed and easy way that can reach understanding through any person in the world.

An artist can spread the word throughout the world through their art. Art can be a stress-relieving factor for people who have mental illness or stressed ones. Art is a kind of healing because when you look at the art you feel relaxed and calm.

What you try to accomplish through your paintings?

I spread awareness’s regarding social issues, like dowry, subjugating girl child, child abuse, women empowerment, half-widow, and Kashmir resistance.


What are the hardships you are facing in this field?

Hardships do not matter when you are so fond to do something, but sometimes one needs to be strong as some people may ask you a question about your art and some may have a conflict with you, but as long as you believe in your work, no one can harm to your art.

Did painting satisfy you, that you suppose to get after making a picture?

Yes, Alhamdulillah, I may start with a small idea, but through painting, I explore the whole world and sometimes find it difficult to believe that it is my art. The best part is that I put my entire selves in my painting. Therefore, satisfaction is obvious.

What do you hope people will see when they look at your art?

I want them to see the real face of Kashmir in all its aspects, the beautiful aspects, and the suffering aspects through my art. As for my nature art, I want to give a soothing effect to the viewers as of amazing natural things, and I wish to represent how Kashmiris life is going under occupation.

How is your family supporting you to achieve your goals?

My family always supported me in whatever I did. In art, too they are helping me. They want me to follow my heart because I think deep inside they have firm believe in my work, my actions and me.

What are your plans? Do you want to continue it or you have any other projects?

I don’t plan for the future I believe that whatever I will be doing. I will do hard work and dedication, and for art, nothing can depart me from it because it is something inside me. I will continue my art.

What advice do you want to convey the young artists?

A couple of things that I want to say to young artists are that art is a unique gift that Allah gave you. Value it and use it for the betterment of your society. Don’t ever consider that you are a pro in art, but you always have something new to learn, work hard and don’t give up because you are not doing art for people but for yourselves, I too am a self-taught student of art, ready to help everyone regarding the craft.


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