Martial-arts celebrity of J&K – Shahzad Ahmad Shiekh


Born in 17-06-1995 in a small village of Kupwara District known as Chogal Handwara. Famous as Shahzad ibn Shiekh, Mr. Perfect & the ultimate kicker. Having Supreme Knowledge of Martial-Arts in karate, Taekwondo, kickboxing, self-defense and other martial-arts, Expert in mixed, Technical & professional Martial-Arts Instructions. He say’s,”Professional Martial-Artists mind is a Lethal Weapon. Many years of Hard Training in Martial-Arts to make their hands, legs, thighs, elbows etc.. Deadliest weapon. In Martial-arts single fist contains unlimited types of punches same as Kicks and other things like Grappling & throwing etc..

A negative Warmup In Martial-arts can make negative effects on the body like Ankle, Joint & muscle problems. In order to avoid injuries, you should use basic warm up in your daily training with the proper number of sets. He said that martial-arts develop Strength, Power, Speed, Agility, Balance, Flexibility, local Muscle Endurance, Cardiovascular endurance, strength endurance etc.. Moreover he said that you should use Kinesiological routine for your flexibility. Mr. Shahzad Ahmad Shiekh is the founder of “THE SMA ACADEMY OF J&K”(Academy of professional Martial-arts).

He wanted to tell the Youth that you should take part in Martial-Arts activities self-defense as well as sports to be a perfect person with full discipline and to avoid drugs, other addictions & wastage of time by replacing it with positive activities.


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