Journey of The karate Champion Shahzad Ahmad Shiekh


Shahzad Ahmad Shiekh of village Maidan-e-Chowgal Handwara started a journey of his life in an unknown field of Martial-Arts. In 2008, whole other children used to play cricket and football, this champion was different from others, He used to play Martial-Arts alone having no friend as his partner. Everyone told him that this very person is mad about martial-arts because they can’t feel the growing champion inside after practicing for several years using internet martial-arts study and went to all trained or untrained unknown coaches within the valley.

After all his talent and handwork of 5 years started coming out. He went to Maharashtra for further studies of martial-arts and then 2nd time he met with Shihan Rajnesh Choudary 6th dan of World Karate Federation (WKF) and president of referee commission of Karate Association of India (KAI) and sensei Umesh Rekhi general secretary of J&K. He qualified many exams in Karate, Taekwondo & K.boxing, after all, completed his 3rd Dan Black Belt and also Qualified National Black Belt. Mr. Shahzad Ahmad Sheikh is 9 times national medalist and now Mr. Shahzad Ahmad Sheikh is the founder of “The S.M.A Academy of J&K” and President of District Kupwara.

Mr. Shahzad Ahmad Sheikh is also known as Mr. Perfect or The ultimate kicker and is now among famous Coaches of J&K. Mr. Shahzad Ahmad Shiekh was also got selected for the Commonwealth to be held at “Durbin South Africa”. But due to some financial problems & lack of Sponsors, he was unable to participate. But still struggling to become India’s best fighter as well as Coach. He has a long journey to the winner’s heart. We should appreciate Mr. Shahzad Ahmad Shiekh to give our children National and International platform which he didn’t get in his childhood, talking to Pristine Kashmir, Mr. Shahzad Ahmad told: “You don’t have to be Great to Start, but you have to Start to be Great”.

The shining star of village Maidan-e-Chowgal is now a KARATE, TAEKWONDO, K.BOXING & SELF DEFENCE EXPERT serving people in his village.

Admit your children in “THE S.M.A ACADEMY OF J&K” to become a Martial-arts Expert and to give them a national and international platform and to make them a national and international player.

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