You talk about Rape?
Let me remind you about a nation called Kashmir.
Women of whole village was raped in front of their men. Women, girls, mothers, sisters nobody was spared. They resisted but torture was the reaction of oppressor. There was a woman whose life was ruined by electric shocks in her private parts.

You talk about humanity?
There was a bride in a village. It was her wedding day. Beasts ruined her life. She and her aunt was raped by BSF….but wait, they are for security…. so do not shout, do not protest you terrorists.
You talk about injustice?
There was a brother who was kept on gunpoint by army, and two of his sisters were raped in next room. He said i was hearing cries of sisters and laughs of beasts…But, it wasn’t “DELHI” though.
You talk about Rights?
There was a 9th standard girl, all innocent and childish, her cloths were torn and kept naked for days, yes, by security forces, so shhhh…. dont say a word. There was a village where they treated females as hurd of animals. There was a mother, a sister who went to fields, all happy, alas they came back on four shoulders, fell prey to the lust of beasts. But bodies were drowned, stressfull allegations, plans by ISI, suicides, probes, cross border terrorism, Pakistan hence proved rape is a myth, nothing ever happened. Damini ( rape victim ) was lucky that world went on rampage to share her pain. when Aasiya And Nelofar ( rape victims ) of Kashmir were raped nobody uttered a word. More than 9000 women have been raped in Kashmir alone. Corrupt government officials and police rapists roam free yet women fear for their honor and lives. Its Kashmir, n u people call it terrorist place.
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