Rayees said he can bear anything but cannot see his conscience die inside of him.

A video of a constable announcing his resignation from the Jammu and Kashmir police on the “call of his conscience” against the violence in the valley, has gone viral on social media even as the police said they are checking its veracity.
“I have resigned from (Jammu and Kashmir) police department so that my conscience does not keep on asking me questions whether I am right or wrong as a policeman to see the bloodshed here,” a young man, who identifies himself only as Rayees, said in the video.

Rayees Ahmad

“Every day, Kashmiris are getting killed, some are losing their eyes, some are in jails and some under house arrest.
This entire problem is because a Kashmiri is seeking his right which is the plebiscite,” he said.
Rayees said the problem in Kashmir is because the promise of a plebiscite was never fulfilled.
“The bloodshed here is because the plebiscite never took place. Even Indians and Pakistanis are dying here, but Kashmir suffers the most. Neither do I like Pakistan nor do I hate India, I only love my Kashmir, I want peace here,” he said.

“It is not in my hands to resolve this issue, but there is another issue for which I have shared this video. I am watching this bloodshed as a policeman and my conscience keeps on questioning me whether it is right or wrong of me.
“I had no answer, but now I have come up with a resolution of this issue, my own issue, and I have decided that I will resign from my job and I am sharing with you through this video that I have resigned,” he said.

Facebook video link (Originally shared by ‘I love Kashmir’ page):

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