It was the time around mid 90’s. A woman dropped her children at the school. One was in pre-nursery and the elder one in class One. The school was a few miles away from their home. After dropping them she went to see a relative. Meanwhile, a crackdown was placed in the area. All schools were shut; all roads were sealed. There was a tip-off of some militant hideout in the area. Men were taken out from their homes and assembled in a field. When this news broke out to the lady she rushed back home quickly to get her children back home safely.

While on the way back she found that the roads have been blocked and there was no way of reaching the school or home. She was worried and disheartened but she didn’t lose hope.
“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness”

She decided to cross the river Jhelum but there was no bridge. It had been burnt down during the ongoing conflict in the valley. The only means of communication was the boat which was also closed down. The only option left for her was to walk over the narrow Weir which could be quite dangerous to cross. Only one person can walk over it at a time and Jhelum wasn’t dried-up back then. This lady thought that this is the only choice left for her now.

“The point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear”

She Crossed It. She didn’t let any impediment deter her. She left the fear at the other side of the Weir. She walked the street, which was full of army men, without any fear and nobody stopped her. She reached home only to find out that her children were brought home by a concerned neighbour. Her children saw her and hugged her. Little did they know of the courageous act of their mother. They were too naive to comprehend.

And that lady is my mother. That two children- Me and my elder brother. I am the daughter of that fearless mother who refused to give up on the tough situation, who can cross any barrier for her children. I have inherited that courage and fearlessness from my mother.

May Allah bless the Mothers of everyone and especially the Mothers of a conflict zone, their life isn’t that easy. The sacrifices they make every day for their children can never be gauged.

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