A week ago, we asked people to send their stories anonymously to withkashmir.sarahah.com.

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The response was overwhelming as well as shocking. Surprisingly, the never-talked-about sexual harassment is more prevalent than we could think of. Scores of people, male and female, sent us their own experiences, with females more often than not experiencing this inside overcrowded public buses.

Following is a compilation of those stories and experiences that people shared with us.

Some face harassment during childhood, some face it at a later stage in their life. However, according to various studies, not even half the people speak out. In Kashmir, the number is alarmingly less. D A Dabla’s research suggests only 7 percent of the total sexual harassment cases are reported in Kashmir.

The stats further suggest that at least 15 percent of married women face physical and mental abuse.

Disclaimer: The confessions are anonymous and hence With Kashmir cannot independently verify them. Readers discretion is advised.

Women’s commission has provided a helpline, if you need help or know someone who has gone through this, please call 7889799509.

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