This story is written in first person by a victim himself.

Year 2002, I was 14, when my uncle came across Aijaz Sheikh, also known as Aijaz Molvi, who claimed to have memorised the Quran. Aijaz Molvi also claimed to have possessed a number of Jinns with the help of whom he treated peoples’ problems.

My uncle had suffered heavy losses in his business so he went to Aijaz Sheikh to see if he can offer some help. Aijaz Sheikh listened as my uncle explained his problem to him and then Aijaz Sheikh told him that his problem can be solved easily by the help of his Jinns. However, he told my uncle that his Jinns do not talk to anyone except for children aged below 14 years. He told my uncle that if he wanted his problem to be solved immediately then he must bring a child of that age. My uncle agreed and took me to his house the next time he went to see him because I was the only child who was 14 years old back then.

When I saw Aijaz Sheikh for the first time, I was very impressed with his charming personality. He looked like a real saint. After the greetings, he took me to a separate room and told my uncle to wait in the other room. Before starting his evil procedure, Aijaz Sheikh told me that he possesses a number of Jinns and he will bring one of the Jinns inside of his body so that I can speak to him and discuss my Uncle’s problem/s with him. He made me sit in front of him and told me to look down and not to look into his eyes or else I would burn because Jinns are made of fire and if I look up, I could burn (this was his explanation). He asked me to repeat some Quranic verses after him (the whole thing was in Arabic and since I don’t know Arabic, I had no idea what that all meant). Once he finished reciting, he put his hand on my head and shook it three times. This meant that the Jinn had entered his body and it was not Aijaz Sheikh talking anymore. Aijaz Sheikh would normally speak in the local language, which is Kashmiri. However, the moment he claimed that a Jinn had entered into his body, he would switch from Kashmiri to Urdu language. According to him, he was studying in some state in western India in a religious school (Madrassa/Darul-Uloom) where he came across these Jinns and learned how to control them, and turned them into his slaves/friends/workers. Since, he claimed that the Jinns are from outside of Kashmir, they don’t speak the local language, which is the reason he would switch from Kashmiri to Urdu whenever he claimed that a Jinn has entered into his body.

Once he claimed that a Jinn had entered his body, I was told to greet him. After the greetings, the (so called) Jinn asked me to tell him about the problem I have come to raise with him. I introduced myself and shared my Uncle’s business problem. He paused for a minute or two and then told me that my uncle is under the influence of black magic. He further added that his problem is so grave that it cannot be solved during daytime. According to him, Jinns would only work at night and that is why he told me to come at night instead so that he could solve all the problems my Uncle was confronted with. After this, he said that it is time for him to leave; he put his hand on my head and shook it three times again. This meant the Jinn had left his body and now I could look up and talk to Aijaz Sheikh. He would switch back to Kashmiri language and ask me what the Jinn told me. I narrated the whole thing and told him that the problem is huge; therefore, the Jinn wants me to come back at night time. He said, alright let’s go to the other room where my uncle was waiting. He told my uncle that he has to bring me there at night and only then can his problems be solved.

My Uncle asked me if I would like to stay at Sheikh’s house for the night? I agreed. When he left, I was alone with Aijaz Sheikh at his house, where his father, wife and two kids lived. (Just to clarify this, he has three children now – two sons and a daughter). After dinner, he took me to his bedroom and told me that I can speak to one of his Jinns now and ask him for a solution to my Uncle’s problem. However, before asking the Jinn to enter his body, Aijaz Sheikh gave me a piece of advice. The advice was like this: “Listen dear, you should know that you are going to talk to a Jinn and all my Jinns know each and everything about your present, past and future. So, make sure you answer each and every question posed to you by my Jinn truthfully. The moment you lie, your life will be destroyed, along with your family and friends. Also, remember that if you say ‘NO’ to anything that my Jinn wants you to do, your life will be destroyed.” By this time, I was already traumatised. He then repeated the same procedure of bringing a Jinn into his body which I had witnessed earlier that day. The Jinn (which I understand now was Aijaz Sheikh himself) asked me to share my Uncle’s problem once again. I repeated my Uncle’s business problem and asked him that if he can cure my Mother’s knee problem too, I would be very grateful.

After listening to this, he told me that these problems are very serious and I will have to work hard for them to be solved. I asked him, what do I need to do? He said that he would like to ask me a few questions first. The questions were like this:

1. Do you have a girlfriend?
2. Have you ever had sex with a girl or a boy?
3. Do you have a crush on any girl, a classmate, a neighbor’s daughter, a cousin, etc.?
4. Do you masturbate?

The answer to the first three questions was ‘NO’. However, the answer to his forth question could never be ‘NO’. It is important to understand that when a child reaches the age of puberty, he or she starts experimenting with him/herself. It is a natural phenomenon and no one can control it. Aijaz Sheikh was well aware of the fact that masturbation is considered a grave sin in Islam and no child would want his/her parents to know about it. When a child confessed that he has masturbated, Aijaz Sheikh would blackmail him by saying that if he doesn’t do a particular thing, he would tell his parents/family about it. I was hell scared as I had revealed the worst secret of my life. After this, he told me that I can’t sleep alone because the Jinns will be at work and it wouldn’t be safe for me to sleep alone. This is what he said: “You cannot sleep alone. You have to sleep next to Molvi Sahab (Aijaz Sheikh would refer to himself as Molvi Sahab while he would pretend a Jinn was inside of his body) and both of you (Aijaz Sheikh and me) have to be naked. Once the lights are off, you should lie on top of Molvi Sahab (on his front side) and erect your penis, then stay there for 20 minutes. But if Molvi Sahab asks you to lie on his back then you should do that and after 5 minutes I will enter into his body and then it will be you and me only. Molvi Sahab will have no idea about anything that happens afterwards. Once you are on top of his back, you should penetrate him until you come inside of him.” He manipulated me into thinking that this was necessary to clean me of my sins and ensure the problems of my family are solved.

The Jinn then said that it is time for him to leave and I should convey all this to Aijaz Sheikh. I narrated the whole thing to Sheikh once the Jinn left except that I have to penetrate him if he asks me to come on top of his back. Sheikh seemed normal and we got ready for bed. I took off all my clothes and so did Sheikh and we went to bed together. He told me to come over him from the front side. Once I lied on top of him, he reminded me that the Jinn wanted me to erect my penis. I tried to erect my penis but I was so frightened that I couldn’t do it. I had no control over myself. Suddenly, Aijaz Sheikh changed his mind and told me to get down and come on top of him from the back side. I did, as he instructed me to do. Within 5 minutes Aijaz Sheikh switched to Urdu and said, “It is me, Idrees (Idrees, the name of the Jinn) and now erect your penis quickly and penetrate Molvi Sahab.” I tried to erect my penis but again I couldn’t do it because of the fear. The Jinn then told me that since I can’t erect my penis, he would have to penetrate me. I said, no. He threatened me that if I refuse he will destroy my life none of my family’s problems will ever be solved. He told me that I have to do it for my Uncle and my mother. He further told me that it won’t take more than 20 minutes. I said, I would die. He said, ok 10 minutes, is that fine? I said, no. He said, ok 5 minutes and that is it. He came over me and raped me with all his brute force. It was so painful that it felt like my soul left my body. I wanted to scream but he put a hand on my mouth and didn’t let me scream. I was in so much pain that I almost fainted. Once he was done, he threatened me that if I tell anyone (my friends, family, teachers, etc.) about it, his Jinns will destroy my life and I will never ever be able to recover. He traumatised and manipulated me to the extent that he made me believe that it was not Aijaz Sheikh himself but a real Jinn, named – Idrees who raped me.

This was the beginning of a series of episodes of rape and humiliation. I was forced to perform oral sex on him several times. Even after 16 years of abuse, I get flashbacks of the abuse almost on a daily basis. The reoccurring flashbacks can be so painful at times. It is like watching a movie in HD with your eyes closed. You can’t do anything about it. You can’t run away from it. It is your mind showing you the worst nightmares of your life. The harder you try to stop it, the more frustrating it gets.

The case currently being heard by Chief Judicial Magistrate in Sopore Court. The most recent hearing was on 23rd of April 2018.

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