Kashmir has already witnessed number of incidences which clarify that women are subjected as a weapon of conflict. The violation of women’s fundamental rights through physical, mental, emotional, and sexual violence which have become almost commonplace in the Indian context. Bestiality against women has taken particularly acute forms in circumstances where populations are already marginalized, such as in areas affected by armed conflict, and areas undergoing mass displacement. In amid chaos and uproars of braid chopping incidents in Kashmir has lead to aspects  social unrest and psychological  trauma for the  masses particularly  towards woman folk, who have been disproportionally affected with turmoil.  A wave of surge has gripped the whole of Kashmir after a series of “braid-chopping” incidents reported have been alarming in a number of different places.
Within a few weeks number of braid chopping incident have been reported drastically everywhere, in which females have been systematically traumatised and terrified. Women in Indian occupied Kashmir have already been subjected to great sufferings since conflict broke out in the region. At least 200 women in Kashmir have reported being attacked by masked assailants in the last two months. The numbers of alleged miscreants were caught by people but later police rescued them in which they got succeed in escaping. In this confusion the fear among the local population has created some misunderstandings and several innocent people got exposed to public anger. Such a dreadful environment has been created by the authorities to systematically terrorize. The general population believes that “The government wants to instil fear and divert attention from the main issue “KASHMIR”, which have caused unabated killings and other human rights violations committed by the Indian troops in the valley. The apparatus is silently supporting the autocratic outfit silently and totally failed to provide protection and justice to the Kashmir people at large. This kind of similar incidents happened in various parts of India as a start-up but they wanted to have the new epicentre is  in Kashmir to suppress the uproar of freedom. This is something like a psychological genocide, the rebellion against India’s rule and militarisation since 1989 have already caused huge physical and mental damage on its population. 
The irony is that the government is monopolizing the situations. There are certain unanswered questions rising over authorities as none of these assailants have been caught. Rather, they have been supported and escorted safely by state forces. Is the government deliberately trying to hide their identities and manipulating the vulnerable people of conflict ridden areas?
Now, incidents are exploding into a volcanic magnitude, it may be that another revolution is getting embroiled inside the peaceful valley. Braid chopping is something like an act of cowardice or the work of psychopaths. Creating terror by Braid chopping is remnant of the past “Like the ghosts of the ’90’s, who were actually troopers out to terrorize civilians, the government is deliberately using accustomed tactics to drag people into a situation of panic and horror. It could create mass uprising again. Kashmiri people may be vulnerable and defenceless but today the need of the situation is demanding people to stand together and have a collective consciousness to defend against such an insidious evil, of the faceless kind. This is a call to my people to be aware and have the courage to stand together and fight the enemy; “let my people awake”.
“You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.

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