Before couple of days I along with my friend from university to home witnessed an amazing travel in our life. There was probably a five year old boy with his mother in passenger vehicle who was very intelligent and talkative. The driver started vehicle and after travelling few meters from the vehicle stand there was a temporary check post of Indian paramilitary forces, army and JK police which were searching vehicles and checking identity cards of passengers. The boy was looking very curiously at the scene and he broke up his silence and asked his mother, mom is there a Kane Jung or stone pelting the mother replied no my dear they are checking Identity cards and the boy replied what is an identity card and why they are doing this. The mother looked at us and tacked a deep breath and said to his son dear it’s their duty and informed him Identity card means a paper where there is name written and photo pasted of the person.

After leaving the spot I unlocked my cell phone and was checking my mail id, the boy asked me do you have a game called Burhan versus Modi. The game was designed by local kashmiri during the unrest months and it was very famous during those curbed days. I answered to boy no dear i don’t have. The boy replied I have completed all the levels of that very game in my papa’s mobile. His mother said he is addicted of playing games and particularly of Burhan versus Modi. My friend whispered in my ear think how many kids are like him in our Kashmir? I was quite as I had no idea and figures. But his question was pricking my mind and I started imagining, what is the future of Kashmiri new generation?

As the vehicle was running we reached near India’s air force station that too on internationally recognized disputed territory. Again our vehicle was stopped because the convoy of Army was entering in the air base and it tacked us nearly five minutes there, the boy was again spot checking the scene. As we moved further the boy said to his mother, mom I will become Mujahid or rebel. The boy’s words amazed everyone in the vehicle and his mother replied him to become a rebel a person should be Bachelor of technology degree holder or Engineer then he is accepted in their group. The boy replied no mom I will become a Doctor because I will first aid them and take care of their health will they accept me then.

As these words came from the boy who is in his kindergarten tears rolled down from his mother’s eyes and everyone in the vehicle was astounded, and then an old man said there are thousands of kids like him in our Kashmir their brain is completed filled with anger against Indian atrocities. The discussion started in vehicle, which is responsible for this there was mixture of replies some blamed all mainstream parties of Kashmir while others blamed separatists’ camp. They started blame game but in my mind the words of the boy (Mamie Maie Chue Mujahid Banun) mom i will become a rebel were repelling in my mind and are still.

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