Too much talk of children these days – children on the streets, children in homes, children unable to go to school, children blinded by pellets, children under trauma, the career of children and much more horrifying news.

At one hand we have future of children at stake and on the other hand, we have children with stones in their hand trying to build the future and some elderly stubbornly and ignorantly using the term khaer to describe these Bravehearts.

The kids of Kashmir have completely grown through a different pathway of adulthood and the path which they have taken is extremely horrifying and mind gobbling. The kids of Kashmir merely nine-year-olds and twelve-year-olds have witnessed murders in front of their innocent eyes and the images of which have been passed on to their naïve minds. They have witnessed prisons in their own homes. They have listened to gunshots without going to war zones.

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The kids who should talk the naughtiness of shin chan are talking about politics and conflict, the kids who should be swinging on a swing are petrified by the graphic images of other kids’ bullet ridden and pellet mosaicked bodies and are terrified the next bullet might hit them. We have little kids associating games with the conflict. My little cousin who is an avid Clash of Clans fan is making plans of how he is going to attack CRPF camps with Dragons. What can be more terrifying!

The children of Kashmir aren’t children anymore. A child is synonymous with freedom, once that freedom is snatched he becomes an adult; full of anxiety, fear and conflict. He can distinguish between an enemy and a friend. A person in uniform is an enemy and deserves to be stoned and one with mask and a Pakistani flag in hand is hailed to be the king. And most strikingly their judgment has also got better than adults. They give solutions to Kashmir issues far better than some highly experienced leaders. “Why don’t we impose Musharraf’s 4 point formula, it’ll be better for Kashmir?’’ They do make such remarks. Now, who do you call a child Ms. CM?

They see an enemy in India, an enemy who took their fathers, smeared the honour of their mothers and sisters in the dirt. Killed their friends in cold blood. They see the face of a murderer of lakhs in the PM of India. The children who saw the 2008 and 2010 agitation from their windows are now the ones with anger in their eyes and stones in their hand. Unfortunately, the kids of 2016 have witnessed much more violence from the windows of their house. And beware India, the ones you see in houses today are going to rub off your destiny in years to come.

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Some things need to be made quite clear. India plays it quite immaturely when they put the blame of everything that’s happening in Kashmir on Pakistan. But, with no offence, Kashmir hates India and that’s a sour truth which the Indian state needs to accept with full confidence. The state of India is responsible for creating stone pelters.

Just imagine an army guy entering berserkly inside a house and beating the pulp out of the man while his innocent little child with his blue teary eyes watches his father helplessly pleading for mercy, then he sees what his eyes shouldn’t see as the army guy without any shame teases his sister trying to gain every advantage of the poor situation and after few years what do you expect the child to do; WATCH MANN KI BAAT, VOTE FOR PDP OR NC, SING JANA GANA MANA?

When Mehbooba Mufti says ‘Bacha chocolate kahreedne thodi gaya tha’ she’s absolutely right. The child had, in fact, went to burn the CRPF camp, that’s the only justice he could get for all the decades of hardships that had been imposed on him by security forces. And she’s also right when she says ‘In ko kio uksa raha hai’ definitely, the security forces have got that privilege of putting that fear in the hearts of our young sweet children.

Here’s a message to the parents – Your kids watch Doraemon, ours are BLIND, they can’t see anything. You children are called by all the sweet names and ours are called TERRORISTS.

Source: Scoop Whoop.

There’s little difference in your kids and our kids, just a few. Your children have eyes, they go to school, your children don’t know violence, your children aren’t called terrorists. Rest is same, same poor innocent heart, same eyes which twinkle when they see an ice cream, same hands which hold a brush to draw.

My request, I plead to all parents of India, you too have children. You know what it means to have kids. Our children are dying, shun your patriotism for a moment, this isn’t an India Pakistan cricket match. It’s humanity at stake. Come forward, give our children a future they can see. We are helpless, we can’t get out of our houses.

Source: Counter Currents India.

We can’t show them the Disneyland, but you can stop condoning their deaths. You can rub the terrorist label that has been pasted over their innocent bodies. Our kids are also like your kids, they also cry but the only difference is they cry everyday…

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