A couple of days ago, a military court suspended life sentence punishments against six of army personnel accused of cold blooded muder of 3 youth in Macchil. The fake encounter was proved by their own investigations.

Here we analyse more of such instances when justice was denied to Kashmiris.

1. Macchil Fake Encounter

Three persons were killed near Sona Pindi post in macchil sector of north Kashmir’s Kupwara district on April 29, 2010. The army claimed them to be foreign militants but a police investigation found that the slain youngsters were local residents –Riyaz Ahmad (22), Mohammad Shafi (19) and Shahzad Ahmad (25)—all residents of nadihal village of Baramulla.

The slain youngsters were lured by the Commanding Officer of the Regiment Col DS Pathania through a former special police officer, Bashir Ahmad Lone, and his accomplices with the offer of jobs as porters. The army reportedly purchased them for Rs 50,000 each and shot them dead to be passed off as foreign infiltrators. Col Pathania, Major Upender and four soldiers of the regiment later faced Court Martial proceedings.

The court martial awarded life sentence to six of its personnel found guilty in the staged encounter case. The families were apprehensive that justice would remain elusive to them until two civilians involved in the gruesome were not punished.

In July, 2017, the life imprisonment of five army men convicted in the infamous Machil fake encounter was suspended by a military court.

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