I opened the curtains and watched the thick, heavy snowflakes falling without an end.

Cold metallic bullets sailed amidst swirling, silent snowflakes.

Outside frozen streets shrouded in silence, whispered tales of broken hearts.

Under the pale yellow glow of the lamp-light, dogs barking on the sudden silence of snow lit night.

The crows cawed. Pigeons huddled on window sills; silent, mournful.

The flurry of snow continued, I can hear the faint sound of invisible footsteps and feeble breathing going far.

My world of childhood was dying; I was to grow without you all.

My Mother, brothers, friends were in the coffin; silent, still, cold like bullet’s that snatched them from me.

I was too young to understand then, they timeless to make me understand.

The snow was falling thicker, faster, piling up like another giant shroud outside coffins.

Shrouded city, shrouded people, and shrouded shrouds.

Giant snowflakes wafting slowly like pieces of shrouds amidst lost, dejected faces.

The silence and stillness of them spread in me, making me look like a silence of snow.

The light went out,

There was a long silence.

I began to cry in the snow.

Leaving me alone, where you all left?

Can I live without you all?

Pain is breaking my every breath.

I weave and stitch every memory of ours in the snow.

The Snow was RED. The blood was warm.

Someone was kissing their lifeless, cold heads.

I watched with cold, still, frozen small eyes.

Swirling like feathers, my invisible warm tears rolled.

My warm tears buried in snow like warm bodies in graves.

My heart was like a forgotten city on a snowy night.

The snow abated and stopped like my tears.

It turned into slush and soon trails of blood disappeared.

The Red Snow slipped into oblivion like them all.

Yet the collective sadness from macabre swims within me

The painful paper boat of my childhood sailed without my friend’s boats.

Grey bulgy cloudy sky in my eyes.

Still pools of rain near puddles of warm blood and the cold moons shining in them.

Childhood memories swim in the cold air holding silver feeble white ropes of snow.

I stay near your silent, still Graves my beloved.

No snowmen stare at me anymore, no one flings snowballs.

No one calls, chases me when it snows…

My mother no more calls me, us.

Why does it Snow Red?

Why don’t you speak up?

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