I have lost you O’ Father
I have lost you to bullets
What a fateful night it was!
It is there for all eternity
and never ends!

I came to know that you were
dragged by Indian troops,
[From] National Highway to Ussan Camp,
I recall the sufferings that you endured
You were tormented and forced to take pepper water.
Those insensitive, arrogant and ugly faces…
How could I forget? How could I forgive?
I feel the agony when they used to call me
to those camps and they asked me,
“Do you know who killed your father?”
with an implicit grin on their faces.
And then who knew that they would be
presenting tea to me.

Father, I feel this void that your death
left like a gaping wound.
Pain of missing you is certainly so deep.
Why is it, why couldn’t you stay?
People around are so unkind and venomous.
I’m just learning to look behind
the veil of human behaviour.
They often say, I act and look like you O’ Father
I proudly say, ‘Yes I do resemble my Father’
Even if you are no longer with me
Even if I miss you terribly
I know you are in heaven
and angels surround you,
I’ll hold you in my heart until
I hold you in Heaven O’ Father.

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