witness these words stand
to the loss on the fifteen of March
of blood and words that burned
under the humble roof of Balhami
who opened his heart and left
his house to the guests
who belonged to his poems

in Khunmoh that day
three men honoured their land
two with blood the other with ink
all lay murdered within few hours
beneath the rubble of the palace

a fight enraged that day
between unequals in might
and greater odds in dignity
a poets treasure on one hand
stood in defiance
to the beasts’ guns on the other
the ashes that rose smelt
words and blood- both sacred
both immortalized

in the skies however
amid all the wreckage
the poet witnessed a union
of his words and their lives
both standing witness
to his greater sacrifice

the icon of resistance
now calls the rubble
that once was his home
a shrine- sacred as it stands

his eyes now echo the pain
of loss of lives that murmured the kalima
and the words that had pledged
to immortalize the voices
of the fallen

the only solace he finds in
is his reborn verses
that he writes on the broken wall
of his shrine

شہیدؤں کی روحیں مخاطب ہیں مجھ سے
میرے ہم وطن یہ خیانت نہ کرنا…
بہت آج تک لُٹ چکے ہیں بھرے گھر
ابھی باوفا گردنیں کٹ رہیں ہیں…

a tribute to Madhosh Balami’s sacrifice…

The views expressed are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect With Kashmir’s editorial stance.

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