Oh! My beloved
Come back once again
And see the scars on my
Sobbing heart,
You left us desolate
With intense agony,
Oh! My beloved come again
And see my raven heart,
Mourning in separation,
Mourning from Dawn to Dusk
Oh my beloved, come
As a raindrop and sooth my mind
That got lost in your thoughts
With these flames of love
And the patience of madness
That you have forged in my soul,
spring comes and flowers blossom
And I think about you,
My eyes still looking for you
My heart still wandering in despair
I search you here in autumn and winter
In the depth of the River,
But found nowhere…
You vanished just like that..?
Still, I remember that day…

When you left us alone with miseries.
Oh, my beloved come…
Come once again in these fields of daffodils…
Oh my beloved
I have forgotten a chapter
This reminds me your fiction.
Everything is same except you
Nothing has changed
Except for broken memories
The time we spend together
Was neither yours nor mine?
Vacant….. And washed seashores of distant dream…?

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