One dies, next fifteen join
We are all the same coin
Son of a teacher, and the lion
Gave his dreams to see us fine
On his funeral, lakhs were online

His gallantry was the global headline
Danish, my neighbour, was just nine
Gunned down, near the “Charar” shrine
Oldest Fighter, tall as a mountain pine

Today”s posterboy came with a design
Shine shine shine, let islam shine
Don’t ever say he is the dividing line
Politics and just some grapevine

Time for all to think and recombine
To show bravery, as our only sign
They want to steal the goldmine
And make Kashmir, the Palestine

Let’s give “oppressor” one deadline
Kashmir is never ever your lifeline
Punishment will be rhadamanthine
Don’t ever cross the finish line.

Don’t kill me now or hit my spine
For the truth which history calls divine
I wrote this, when Aqib was crying
Let’s see Kashmir on the cloud nine

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