For how long shall our blood be spilled?
For how long shall we be shackled?

Sister wails at the death of her brother, Showkat. Photo from 2010. (Patttan, Palhalan)

Redemption has to be divine,
For our ranks have been left asunder;
Overtly by a foe,
Whom, for the centuries to come, we will remember.
The facade of murky haze shall vanish,
And a new dawn shall arise from the Phoenix.

It shall be without curfews and encounters.
I shall not see my foe from a long long distance.

For his deadly sight would replenish the wounds,
that the oppressor inflicts on us at will.
And make the blemishes indelible;
that have been cast by him since decades now.
We don’t want to suffer anymore.

Has this blood sworn to meander, only in the Vale?
Has the frowned heaven sworn to empty its
tears in the wailing Vale?

Why doesn’t it transcend precincts of the Vale?
Sometimes, I think, both the sky and river have conspired against us!
Sky weeps, fills river, river meanders around the Vale;
Drowning with it dreams and aspirations of the meek and frail.

As soon as it dries, guards of the hell shoot in the heaven,
and cull few heavenly people to drench the Vale.
The notorious saga of bloodshed thus repeats.

And the Red River never dries, alas!
Let the peace prevail, but how will it?

Will it prevail by bulldozing our youth under the jackboots?
Or, will it prevail by pelleting our youth to obscurity?
No, never.
Never has the brutality of state triumphed.

History testifies voice of the voiceless is the ultimate winner.
Peace will prevail only, when the enemy backtracks;
When we get redemption from the shackles,
With whom, we have been held hostage for decades now.

And the charge is held by the ferocious savages,
Who are adamant to persist in their tyranny.

The word peace has itself grown older here;
Crossing the threshold of my nerves;
This peace theory is just a fable,
The despotic occupier seldom believes in.
Then what?

We have bled for decades now drenched in blood,
Either the river shall dry or breach the precincts of the Vale.

(The views expressed are poet’s own)

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