On my right, I see a man
With long moustaches
Standing in jackboots
Firm on the ground, lose on self.

I see him in the eyes,
then I see in his hands
An Automatic Kalashnikov
Ready to break loose.

I see the same men
All around me. A seven million.
On my right. On my left
Ahead and behind.
Nowhere without them.

I see them in the vale
And in the pastures
And near those red streams.

I see them thumping their chests
In dark nights. Beating the drums.
On bright days. I see them
On the roads when I can see
None else. Only them.

On red hot days. In armoured uniform.
I see them wait for an
unarmed lad. I see them pierce a bullet
into his left chest. I see them wait
For a burqa clad lady
I see them tear apart her clothes.
I see them nabbing a six-year-old
And drown him to death
I see them waiting for a seventy-year-old
and then choke him.

I see them barge into my house
And break my toys
I see them slapping my mother
And tearing her scarf apart
I see them abusing my dad
Who weeps beside a coffin

I see this everytime.
Yes, I see this.

When I look into the sky
I see the sun falling to the night.
I see the leaves fall
Of that strong Chinar
I see Narcissus sprout
In that beautiful abode
Where many like me
Rest but do not see all this.

They see flowers and petals
Apples and almonds
And milk and honey and everything
That’s beautiful and sweet.

I see darkness around me
I see my home soaked in blood
And my mum in tears
my beloved home in smoke.

I see her once every night
Through dark alleys,
I wake up to see
Only to not see her.

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