My name is rose,
Just blossomed, in the heavenly Garden
I sang with the Birdies and butterflies
Without fear and agony
I played hide and seek,
Inside my; little fantasy world

I lost my way, I lost my songs…
I found myself in a dark corner
Pierced by innumerable scars,
I cried…..I screamed…..
But could not escape those strong claws
I lay naked and withered,
In the dark serpentine road
No door was opened,
No car was stopped
I cried…..I screamed…..

My limbs stop aching,
My lungs stop breathing
I died… I died… I died………..
Profusely bleeding!

I drenched your city red
I am your unresolved question
I am your indecisive end
Getting dissected in the courtrooms
Without getting a fair verdict
I am waiting………..

My body is broken, but not my soul
One day, I will come back,
I will come back as one among you
May be as your very own daughter…..!!!

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