Wish I was a barbed wire,
Waiting to be cut open
And be trampled upon, rolled and shelved.
Never to be used again.

Photo: Kashmir Observer

Wish I was a lock
Waiting to be broken, not opened.
Broken to render me unusable forever.
The lock that cuffs innocents and imprisons the oppressed.

Wish I was nothing but a stone,
Rapt in my own madness.
Sometimes lying loose on the hot half-molten tarmac,
sometimes firm in my determination in a protestors hand.

Carrying millions of hopes and dreams of freedom.
Piercing the oppressors’ shields of falsehood
Hitting his armoured vehicles with a thud,
waiting to be returned back to the protestor,
and thrown again
bringing back
a million more dreams with me.

Wish I was the flag.
Burnt down, torched,
and trampled.

I wouldn’t mind,
for I’d be the witness
To resilient and joyous crowds
of Kashmir.

My fabric receiving the beatings of justice,
Green- the colour of freedom which I denied.
Saffron- the blood of the innocent
And white, the surrender I want to do before their zeal and valour, for I could hardly repay what my people have done.

The beatings of justice, the fire,
I would humbly oblige.

My ashes,
Disappearing in thin Kashmir spring air,
Kissing the earth beneath a mother’s feet – who lost her son.

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