Why just me?
as I hear and I see,
they whisper and make commentary
ah! she walks so gaudily

they form a choice in liberty.
I have to see the earthy dust,
by lowering my gaze.
but they are free to trace,
first my face, then my body under the lace

upon they rumble and hit,
and wend marks like a makeup kit
if I smile their desires are lit
and if I evade, then I am not fit

when they shower acid over me
for I say no to their false plea
I stand there as numb and tainted
thinking it’s lone me, who would be blamed.

Source: Aljazeera

I am present in every corner,
in your house too,
as a wife or sister
as a mother or daughter
and more importantly, as SOMEONE.

painted as bright upon the canvas of plight
who has given them this right?
to seize my scarf or to cut my hair
what they want, she should fright?

You who want me to feel the fear
just by trimming my hair
Let me tell you these words,
loud and clear.
I am a daughter of Kashmir,
and I do not know the meaning of fear.

Dear ‘anonymous’ hair chopper, I am not afraid.
I am not.

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