In the deserts of life
They danced
To the smiles and cries
Of the only flower
Blooming in their garden
Of hope.

They protected him
From everything.
Even hid him
From the thorns
That belonged to him
That identified with him.
But they! They kept him
Floating in serene waters
Away from the thorns
And the deserts
That surrounded his home,
His garden from all sides.

Then one day
His thorns regrew
and now they knew
That the thorns were
His existence and the desert
His abode.

That day, he left his garden
Tearing apart his cocoon
He landed into the desert
To discover it
But oh! The sting
That awaited him
Hit him hard
And he found home
Beneath the desert
With hundreds more.

Their garden was no more
Colourful again.
They donated it to the deserts

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