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Thursday, June 29, 2017

“I Am Flower” – A poem reflecting the pain of a rape victim

I AM FLOWER My name is rose, Just blossomed, in the heavenly Garden I sang with the Birdies and butterflies Without fear and agony I played hide and seek, Inside...

I Remember You, Oh! My Father

I have lost you O' Father I have lost you to bullets What a fateful night it was! It is there for all eternity ...

Tainted Survival – A Poem In memory of Kunan Poshpora Rape Victims

By Iqra AkhoonMy Dumbstruck body with clotted blood, endure tortuous days and terrible nights.Silence stuck in throat That Strives to cry . Forms quite dew drops In deep arid well.Aching...

I Am Kashmir – An Honest And Painful Poem About Kashmir

By Sauliha YaseenThey always spoke of how beautiful I was. I was an attraction, a possession highly valued. They waged wars, shed blood. None...

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