Questions! To be asked, rational thoughts to be pondered, then one lands in a mystery where a person accused of rape is assigned a label of sectarian woe, a place where it is seen an opportunity by the mind player, a season where someone wants to spill blood in the name of sectarian rape conclusion. A specified reason that makes the mind to get closed and go for fearful rioting, a system of newly drafted rules which does not let anyone think the ideas of probable wisdom. The ill-fated and merciless rumors are spread by those beasts, whose purpose of such shame has no goal to understand. Classification of crimes is always detrimental to the basic existence of humans and there are various forces that use money, religion and emotional tool to control the thinking vein of groups or communities. Societies who ratio of rational brains have upper graph count always make a society healthy and a positive environment garden in it. The instant short time outrageous nature for crime condemnation has always befallen a curse on a society or a group, where the damage to its habitation fabric is assessed, only when the hormones of a destructive dime are back to the normal level. We should understand that an act of rape has no religion, no sect, no caste, no class; it is simply a deviant nature from human to no human form, where such person sees rape as a tool of self sexual confusion and makes havoc in the life of the victim. Sadly one incident of rape accusation happened recently and post such incident there was intense public outrage on social media and on other platforms without any probability of sectarian affiliation. Up to here, it was fine, as no conclusions of sectarian outrage were specified until it landed with the blockage of the internet suddenly. There was no idea, as to why the internet was locked down and then came news that some particular sect has started to give sermons of outcry and the authorities’ fear that it can lead to rioting between sectarian communities and can lead to public property destruction and loss of life. These bizarre emotional sentiments saw the rise of a new kind of rape domain, where one sect thinks that their whole group or community has been inflicted with pain, by a person belonging to other sect and the sole purpose of such accused rapist is sheer hate and anonymity against them. If a rational brain works on such a hypothesis, one gets a feeling of cold vibes, as to how can an accused rapist of one community define the vision and wisdom of its whole community or sect.

Wading to the analysis for such confused and irrational thoughts, there is a need to understand the ethos of guiding forces for such mobs, that make them assemble and to think like that. Only an emotional guiding force can make law-abiding or rational thinker, not to take fair decisions for such happenings, rather it tames the brain into the systems of security and local habitation threat. When the dungeons of such fear have been raised and it is clubbed with the existential fear, the followers give up their basic templates of thinking and align in the raisins of hate by considering other sects as their enemies and are followed by other sects too in a similar fashion. What makes such guiding forces create a misunderstanding among people and make them hate and fight with each other, they simply exploit social crimes and try to make blood boil of their communities as seen in the fictional movies. The slogans raised are in complete alignment with cinematic expression, where a so-called guiding force raises the pitch of battle by making them understand that their daughters, sisters, and wives are in danger and they have to fight with other groups for achieving revenge for their whole community. Their win is in the divide and rule theory, every law they impose is composed of self-gain and to achieve the haul of taming people under their command. The new domain of such outrage makes one think about the concept of Illuminati which governs this world behind the veil and mock the system of human survival with their power and money. The Illuminati governs its law of division with technology deception and for such, it needs human forces to conclude such acts of presentation, which in turn control the might of this world. While one takes a leaf from recent rape accusation incident, it completely aligns with the thought of Illuminati, where an alien guiding force raises furls of security fear among people and feeds them waves of rebellion, such forces have been implanted by Illuminati for human interface with their followers, so that they could give lies and rumors flowing on social technological platforms an emotional voice context. The basic workflow of Illuminati lies in corrupting human souls and making them guiding forces of their communities, who accordingly will channel their subjects into the robes of hate and division. It works in a stepwise manner, it starts with deception theory by making people fear for their future and religious following, it makes them think inside the rules of the marked circle only and organized systems of hate and sectarian goals. The most favorite party of such conspiracies is the modern Muslim world, where the ego, governance greed of its leaders turns them into autonomous employees of such organizations. They do the same work which such organizations want and propelled by the Illuminati, every act stands a masked grave for the Muslim world. There is a direct proportion of Illuminati conspiracy in every crime, they defined a new rape terminology (sectarian rape) and ultimately lead to the dawn of a new history, which would be documented in the pages of future history pages and revisited in technological literature for incoming generations. The dragging of rape accuser’s sect, as the reason of threat for another sect (from which the victim belonged), is a sense of sheer mental frustration and Illuminati guided force to burn the bond of rational brotherhood between communities and religious belongings. The so-called victimized mob came on roads and started outcries with threatening conspiracies sorted against them and which lead to curtailment of internet and daily routine work happenings. The blockade of internet by the authorities reminds me of Lucifer which is being chained in the month of holy Ramadan, so as Muslim followers can properly follow the fasting schedule, same is being done by the law agencies with the social internet, who know that it is backed by Illuminati and its curtailment can lead to low count of rumor spread in the society.

The Muslim world of today should understand that apart from religious knowledge, they need to study and focus on global happenings, so that they could become rational in ruling out a proper outrage, if an outrage has a valid guiding force, it will lead to the conclusion of solving an issue, if the outrage has guiding force with the agenda of farce interest, it would lead to chaos and confusion. Time has come to acknowledge a crime on an individual basis and its outrage should be done without the consideration of caste, religion, sect, and habitation. Those who see rape in the circles of sect or religion should understand, they are making a mockery of the victim and unknowingly uniting the support of the rape accused by tagging his whole community in it. This will lead to revenge rape curse and communities will take law in their own hands by raping each other’s women in the name of collective conscience revenge satisfaction. Rape always has been a famed weapon to silence oppressed communities and also it is fed in the systems of porn digital world, the lessons of such fanaticism sexual orientation is being spread in the whole world and is processed in the brains of people for its execution. The recent banning of porn websites in India was a step against the law of Illuminati, India was among the highest porn watching countries with high number of rape cases being directly connected with porn watching usage, it led the Indian government to take swift measures to ban such websites so that it can lead to a lesser rate of rape crime. The rise of smartphones in our state and easy access to internet led the dorms of sexual orientation to a new face and made technology a modulation tool for easy sexual opportunity through social messenger connects.  We as a society should address social crimes in an organized way; we shouldn’t follow in an unorganized way and act in a wise manner. We should enquire from children about the happenings in school and record their day to day behavior. We shouldn’t get drifted away and see rape or other crimes through the lines of a group or a community and make sure justice is delivered to the victim by the law of land in a collective way.

  • Aurangzeb Arif

The author is a freelance writer and can be connected at

([email protected])

  • Tariq Bhutt The author is a lecturer of computer science

    Govt. Degree College Beerwah.

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