Sold out people in Society, engaged in scolding the Blood of Civilians in Kashmir. Unrest in Kashmir has turned into the big profitable industry for all so-called Stakeholders and mainstream Politicians. Our aspirations are not represented, by the way,  it ought to be represented.  People have been pushed to the walls in Kashmir and continue the cycle of violence and  Killings are responsible for the drastic rise of Militancy in the valley.
Civilian Killings on daily basis have makes it crystal clear that India has failed in all means and tactics to Suppress and calm down the true Voice of Kashmiris. On contrary,  lack of leadership and strategy have failed to represent Kashmir in its right perspective at International forums.
Genocide of Youth by the hands of forces will make the indigenous movement strong and will further isolate the people from the pro-Indian forces.
Mainstream Political Parties have given free hand to Security agencies in Kashmir to do any damn things without questioning of its legal  Authority. Political parties have always betrayed us especially those people inside the political arena.
 The encounters on daily basis have put the lives of every ordinary man in a great distress. The long drawn conflict in Kashmir is responsible for the stress and mental disorders among the people, particularly youth. Neither strategy nor progressive dialogues are gaining momentum to put a pause on the ongoing cycle of violence in the state.
Every Kashmiri have a major responsibility to rationally ponder over the situation and duty bound to contribute its best for bringing peace and normalcy in the state.
 The peace process should be started in the valley between all stakeholders concerned in keeping view the deteriorating situation in the state and hardships of the common masses. War begets war and love begets love. The need of an hour is to leave the path of violence and start a comprehensive dialogue, confidence-building measures and constructive strategies with an intention to win the hearts and minds of the people, so that cycle of deaths can be comprehended and stopped for all times to come. The Kashmir is on fire and will engulf the whole sub-continent into its ambit, if not resolved at earliest. Delay in finding the solution to the issue will only raise deaths and destructions.
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