Our world is in the crucial time wherein people are called upon to be involved and act on the chaotic forces at hand which in why the youth plays a very big role, especially in the political field. Politics is one of the key elements that is essential in influencing and shaping the world as it is the governing factor that has decisional and executive powers. In our modern times, there is undeniable growth of interest of the youth towards politics. Political groups are encouraged to adapt to the ever-growing influence of the youth in terms of voting power and inherent capacity to spawn new leaders who have the best interest of the people and growth of the community.
Youth in politics is always mostly debated the issue and I too believe that youth should be stepped into politics but he or she is not from dynasty or enforcing leader, there is somebody who should be across the people and voice of people. According to me, youth in politics helps to bring out a better change in politics because at present no class in society going to get exposure then youth. Youths are experiencing unemployment, social discrimination, inequality, corruption and many such things this lead them to think about the solution to overcome those problems. Nowadays, the younger generation are thinking very differently if they think good they will do lot of service to citizen and nation if their ideas were changed to do some bad they think the highly negative and they implement that. So, if they think positive it will be very useful to nation and citizen. The politics is completely filled with the age-old politicians and family politics. The youth can decrease these issues to large extent. ‘Youth can be leaders of tomorrow – if we procrastinate them’.
There can be two reasons for this deplorable state of politics. One may be that the youth today are not interested in actively participating in the political field. They are content with what they are doing and how the country is being governed. The youth are aware of the problems facing by our country and the world at large. Given a chance they would be willing to change the political condition of the country for the better development.
 The second reason may be that young people are not given opportunities to prove themselves with the excuse that they are not sufficiently experienced to participate actively in the governance of the country. Almost all the major political parties seem to be functioning under the monopoly of old leaders. Old people should realize that they must make way for younger people to take control of the activities. Another important aspect which is spoiling the country is family politics. The true leader is the one who moves people forward by guiding them from the back, but that is not happening in the present day. The present politicians are only encouraging their family members.
There are a few things, which need to be clarified. Firstly, by ‘youngsters’, I do not mean people who are 20 years old with no political experience at all. Youth in this context is meant to refer to people in their 30’s or early 40’s who have a good mix of energy and experience. Secondly, I do not intend to mean that old people should leave the political scene and rest. Of course they should be available for guidance. There should be a retirement age for politicians as well which may be around 65 years. There should also be some educational qualification requisite for politicians. How can we give those illiterates the key to our country to whom we cannot even give the key to our house? People with serious criminal backgrounds should not be allowed to contest elections.
Young adults can be seen as having distinctive political interests, more inclined to change than older generations, more idealistic in their goals and less loyal to established traditions. They are much more affected by a government’s education policy toward cash grants for students and tuition charges than by pension measures that affect their parents or grandparents. Especially in new democracies, education policy affects the opportunity of getting a good job and social mobility. Insofar as the life styles of young people differ substantially from older generations, youths are more sensitive to laws that regulate behavior that their elders reject, for example, concerning sex, abortion and the use of soft drugs.
As for the youth of our country, they can contribute in more ways than by just contesting elections. Much can be done in areas like education and raising awareness about various social evils. The youth can change the world through politics by actively pursuing it through their expression and by giving meaning to the dynamics of their cause. They can influence the world through politics by being substantially and consciously present in their everyday lives in area that involve not only political parties but beyond. More and more ideas are generated by the youth and they are responsible in choosing which cultural beliefs are going to work for the benefit of humanity and which of those belief systems are detrimental. Especially now in the age of information, knowledge has played a big role in the course of human history as it is a key factor that influences the political arena. However, the internet and the mass media are not only avenues for the youth to express their opinion that involve politics. More and more members of the youth are becoming hardcore advocates for the cause and acts that they deem necessary for the world’s healing progress. By collectively assuming responsibility, the youth can be the catalyst of the change they want to achieve. One way is “Youth mainstreaming” wherein the popular beliefs and culture of the collective is dependent upon the popular culture that is in the mainstream. Through this, advocating different topics become an avenue for the entire population to gain new awareness and opportunities that would make the world a better place.
The political powers in the world can create new policies, systems, and cultures that will make the youth engage the political world in an active manner. Noticeable leaders that are from the young population occasionally arise and they put the world in awe and wonder with their charisma, skill, knowledge, and dedication that resonate with their cause. At last I would like to conclude this article with a beautiful quote by Nelson Mandela “Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great, You can be that great generation, Let your greatness blossom”.
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