Role of Women in Kashmir for the betterment of society.

A baby girl brings happiness to the family with its birth, with all faces around filled with joy. It is the entry of the girl into this world that cherishes all. She reaches the age of adulthood soon as compared to a boy, that means Allah likes her prayers & communication more than a boy. Allah chose the girl to be the carer of the child because she has the abilities to initiate the consciousness in baby more than a man. She is one who makes a complete change in society with her actions in home, school or any other place, be it good or bad. If a girl has good character & Modesty in her, the child in her lap becomes likes of Imam Khomeini, Martyr Hasan al Banna, Martyr Beheshti, Martyr Abbas Babaie, Sayyid Qutub etc. Since more than a decade in Kashmir, the target of external agencies is the same Girl. They want to change the lifestyle of her so that the offspring would be the same as they like. If a girl is modest & pious she can be a barrier against satan towards her house, her family. She is the only who can handle his children, who can teach them lessons of Hazrat Fatima (s), Hazrat Zainab (s). The external agencies are making huge damage to Kashmiri culture & religious principles. They mingled western culture in our culture & slowly we are losing our image. First, they bring lehngas, then short lehngas, then Madhuri dresses for girls & the same trend goes on till 2005. According to some reports that I went through; in Kashmir, the demand of loose jeans for boys and girls arose more in the years 2006-2007. Later on, in 2009 tight jeans & shirts for girls were brought according to demands. They are working at a slower rate against the Kashmiri culture but the outcome is fast. They want our sisters to act this way for the sake of people, rather our all deeds should’ve been for Allah only. That is they want them to become a focus for namahrams, Another calamity over Kashmiris was that they were made busy with the worse conditions of 2008-12, and the result was people forgot what damage was done to their culture. How a mother used to took care of her children? How cradle was that one when mother herself used to say lullaby (La ilaha illallah, Noor Muhammad Salalah)? And nowadays most of the mothers need a helper to care for their children. Nowadays most of the mothers with one hand on remote controller & another hand on social media & the children keep on crying. This is what they wanted from us. Impact of cinema is so worse that the boys & girls go out for dating without the permission of their parents. Is this the freedom what the west is talking of? Another calamity of Kashmiris is that the western version of feminism took over the minds of our sisters & daughters. We forgot Qur’an, we forgot lessons of Prophet Muhammad and his Family. Nevertheless we are still within the limit of limited time, but if our dear mothers, sisters & daughters take the step for the upliftment of society & for bringing the revolutionary thinking of Mir Syed Ali Husaini Hamadani (reh) back, then in the very short time we will see the big change in our community. If this continuing situation doesn’t change, the Kashmir’s cultural & Islamic values will fade away like the fading sun. So it is high time that Men & Women of Kashmir wake up & return to the roots which is the only solution to pump the fresh blood into the arteries of dying Kashmir.
Zulfiqar Ali Mir

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