Ban 0n the Ashura processions in Kashmir by the government of Jammu and Kashmir since the rise of insurgency in the state in the 1990s, exposes the lack of strategy and political will to lift the said ban till date. In the heart of state capital Srinagar, the processions are not allowed along the traditional route –that begins from Abi Guzar, passes through Maisuma and ends at Zadibal. The 8thMuharram Procession was the largest procession of mourners being taken out traditionally in Srinagar led by senior leaders.  People have always voiced that such a ban on Muharram procession in Kashmir is discriminatory against Kashmiris.

Our million dollar question to those entire people supported the ban on the Muharram Procession in Kashmir is that, if a government can provide adequate security arrangements for Amarnath Yatra Why there is discrimination with Shia Muslims? It is the responsibility of state apparatus to make smooth arrangements to facilitate procession as it is our fundamental right to practicing religion. All arrangements are made and put in place before any call or Yatra for Hindu pilgrims but Muslims are always labeled with a tag Security issue. The aspirations of the people are always thrown in the dustbin, on contrary, strict restrictions are been placed, Police and paramilitary forces are been deployed, pedestrian, as well as vehicular movement, are barred and well-placed razor fitted wire on the main roads of the procession are been seen across on such days. The message of Karbala is to strive or struggle for the cause of Islam, justice, and righteousness. It can be waged by various means such as speeches, writings, wealth, enlightening fellow humans by oratory and discourses or writing books and articles. So also funding of welfare projects like schools, hospitals, roads, bridges and so on.

We are peace lovers, not warmongers and the said ban has proved that so-called themselves the lovers of peace have fake claims and weak theories in their pockets to befool the world community. Both Shia and Sunni Muslims are taking part in Muharram Procession across valley and intention on ban over it is a tactic to divide the Muslim Ummah into religious lines. To think always about one’s defense is the proof of being alive and alert. Suppose we are dealing with a powerful enemy who intends to violate our righted or to attack the territory of our lands, and suppose that we are at the moment too weak to defend ourselves and any effort on our part would entail a serious loss and no positive result could be gained now or in the future. In such a case it is obvious that we are unable to resist such a strong foe but, at the same time, we are obliged to strengthen our forces rather than losing our spirit and remaining inactive. Imam Hussain Ibn Ali (a.s) had shown by his acts as well as his various discourses during the seven days of Muharram at Karbala, that this conflict was much more universal in nature, and that he knew that he was going to live forever through his martyrdom. We demand that the ban on the Ashura Procession in Srinagar Should be lifted so that we must use our fundamental right of religion in Kashmir too. The Karbala shows us to strive against all imperial powers irrespective of Numerical strength taken into consideration.  You have pushed us on walls but the victory of truth is guaranteed at the end of the day.

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