Owing to the presence of around eight million troops, Jammu and Kashmir is described as one of the most militarized zones’ in the world. The huge presence of the troops within a limited territory renders Jammu and Kashmir a disputed territory under the purview of International Law.

The State continues to have a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records as the ‘most militarized zone and the longest pending dispute on the planet earth.’

Guinness says that Kashmir has made its place in the facts book for four reasons and all the reasons are linked to the pending dispute. “Kashmir is the World’s highest battle field and largest militarized zone. It has also the highest number of military bases in the world and finally the lengthiest speech in the United Nations was given over the dispute of Kashmir which lasted for 8 hours.”

The Kashmiris have been demanding the withdrawal of Indian forces from the region for such a long time. They believe the Indian forces’ presence in Kashmir is the reason for greater degree of rights violations happening in the region, it says.

The CIA world book says that the dispute over Kashmir has made it the largest and the most militarized territorial dispute in the world. India has deployed an estimated one million troops in the region.

The melancholic chapter which continues to haunt the poor Kashmiris started with the Indian forces occupying 2/3rd of the territory on 27th October 1947. The India after obtaining an interim accession of the state from its autocratic ruler promised the Kashmiri people, as well as the UNO that ultimate nationality of the territory would be determined by its own people, though the legitimate diagnosis was already passed by United Nation Security Council (UNSC) and the right to self-determination for the people of Kashmir was professed as consummate solution.

While taking a cursory look, the history of Kashmir has been subjected to many complexional phases over the years since 1931. Since occupation, the land of Sufi saints was subjected to assume impracticable principles of transformation and after the transfer of autocratic feudalism to democratic feudalism, monarchy to family monarchies, from sword to bullet, from lethal so called non-lethal pellets, Kashmiri people continue their throes for  right to self-determination promised by India. The tragic event of July 13, 1931 in which 22 Muezzins who sacrificed their lives to complete the prayer call (Azaan) is the milestone in the history of Kashmir’s struggle against foreign occupation. The oppressor without examining the independent Muslim legacy denies the fact that in the present civilized world “nations can’t be occupied under oppression and injustice for long time.

The change of demography in Jammu region during the massacre of 1947 described by Horace Alexander as the tacit consent of state authority is the melancholic chapter of Kashmir. Almost 2,37,000 Muslims were systematically exterminated unless they escape to Pakistan.

During last few decades people of the nation have exhibited stiff resistance including unrests of  2008 & 2010 and now the ongoing movement of 2016 actuated by the martyrdom of Burhan in which thousands got arrested, hundreds received eye-injuries, and hundreds got martyred, even the paddy fields and public property was damaged by Indian forces.

During the recent unrest, Kashmir witnessed consecutive strike for five months. The high intensity of reaction to Burhan’s martyrdom is an answer to everyone as to see where Kashmir stands today and what is in store. For the young generation Burhan’s role as a ‘freedom fighter’ has been significant and heroic which connects him strongly with the youth.

2016 Unrest is now a debate of choice for cerebral class of society. Intellectuals are now in the labor of posting their articles in journals and newspapers, whereas others are busy to blame the Hurriyat leadership and some so-called well wishers are now presenting the alternatives of the calendar system.

Ullama’s (especially those whose alma mater is University of Facebook) now judge the fatwa’s regarding the methodology of movement. The nation needs leadership of Quran and Sunnah because we have despoiled the inheritance we were supposed to retain from our spiritual mentor Sheikh-ul-Aalam (r.a). Moreover as they say actions speaks louder than words. The way most of us behave after protests is nothing but “Shall Cxalit Bathen Lorie”. We shall research life history of our ancestors like Ibn Taimiyah, Jamal-ud-Din Afghani, Mohammad Abdu, Allama Iqbal, Abdul Wahab, Maulana Maududi and other spiritual personalities as how they combated the non-Islamic dogmas and how they bridged the gap between Mosque and Parliament. They were among successful leaders of their nations because they essentially tied the knot with Quran and Sunnah. We are living in the age were experimentalists succeed. Present world mainly relies upon the empirical approaches and the need of hour is to present our Islamic system in practical form rather than in journals and articles.

One thing which is pretty evident is that the elements our mass movements lack include courage, sustained commitment, concerted action and most importantly one love, one heart, one destiny. Are we back to square one? Answer is absolutely no because we have achieved a lot in the 2016 movement, unity among Intra Islamic groups. The agitation has yet again provided the issue with something to debate and talk about.

The agitations in Kashmir start as non-violent and each time with the brutality of the occupational forces end up as mourning for the poor nation. The brutalities has time and again thrown challenges as how to continue with the movement and many a times we have get to see the youths resorting to join the militant ranks.

Even the bilateral talks have failed as means to solve the Kashmir because India was never sincere about it. The UNO has not only paralyzed its treaties and laws when it comes to Kashmir but for the like issues of Syria, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan as well.

In all this, I at times get entangled with the thoughts and ask myself that if peaceful protests do not yield the required outcome, what would be the next possible step. My heart and mind after fighting it out throw a even tougher question (perhaps more difficult for anyone to answer); Is there a need of clones of Burhan because for me our youth will never forget the mothers and sisters who were raped by the occupational troops, the odious massacres, brothers who lost their vision, sacrifices of millions of brothers, because the so-called democracy has dragged the youths of Kashmir from 1947 to AK-47.

We do have another alternative available which is to boycott the elections be it at central, state or Panchayat level because our participation in elections has been counted as our referendum. Ironically the participation in board exams has been counted as our referendum. The mainstream parties who make commitments of achieving Autonomy, Self-rule, and Self-determination bury the slogans once they ascend the throne.

In addition, to boycott such futile elections we as a Nation have to continue our resistance like we exhibited during the past five months. And in the meantime, it is really shame for the so-called democratic nations how did they comprehend Kashmir through their own catchphrases like ‘’ATOOT-ANG’’ and ‘’SHAH-RUG’’ otherwise known as Heaven on Earth.

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