Friday is considered propitious for all religions, but in Islam, it is a very momentous day for Muslims. It is more consequential and advantageous than any other week. It is that day Muslims assemble to pray in congregation. Right before the prayer, they listen to a sermon drafted to empower the adherents about their Creator, and the religion of Islam and thus fed themselves with spiritual food for spiritual strength.

In any Muslim fraternity, the Friday sermon is a robust platform from which to propagate ideas. Most mosques are clogged up on Fridays and sermonizers take the advantage of the podium to convey various important matters.

But dismally, in our own state, as well as in many other Muslim states, some religious leaders have used this stage, peculiarly during Friday prayers, to foster venom and pugnacity.

There are many instances filed in our very own state where the mosque megaphone has been abused to incite factional conflicts, and elevate bigotry.

Alas! Somewhere in between pulpiteering and prejudicing, “Friday” has lost the true seriousness it deserves.

All around us, however, the sights we see are of violence and of unbridled greed for power. Extremism always runs contrary to the true teachings of Islam. True Islam prohibits all forms of extremism and terrorism and so, inciting violence through hate speeches are all opposed to Islam’s teachings.

Terrorism Impacts us all, and we must all remain united in its condemnation and eradication.

Most of today’s self-proclaimed “Imams” are totally blind to the reality of teachings of Islam. Such scholars and all other barbaric groups are a blotch on the face of religion. It is unfortunate, that Islam, the religion of peace, harmony, hope, goodwill, and brotherhood had been badly tarnished by these perpetrators.

Sometimes they refer the 9/11 terrorists as  “magnificent martyrs“, lauding the efforts of ISIS, declare Islam to be incompatible with democracy, reject the concept of freedom and human rights, and in many inexplicable statements, call every non-Muslim a criminal in the sight of God and worthy of being killed.

These types of statements are not backed by the Holy Quran or Ahadith, but a twisted sense of creating disorder. Such illogical statements are very typical for the mullahs, who want to divide and conquer by instilling fear and hatred among the communities.

The only thing such people are achieving is to completely violate the teachings of the Holy Quran and of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Clearly, they are not practicing Islam, rather it seems as though they have invented their own hate-filled and poisonous religion.

I do not know whether such scholars deserve to be avoided and punished for their views in a free society is up to legal jurists to decide, but there is no doubt that their views and statements are abhorrent and misrepresent Islam. Simply arresting someone who spouts hate will only encourage others to take up the “cause”. Instead, we all need to get educated and support the true message of Islam and its Founder (PBUH) and its foundations – Social justice, patience, and respect for each other, will lead to peace.

Unfortunately, the hate-filled words of such preachers receive much greater airtime than the wisdom of true teachings of Islam. While such dynamics lead to an increase in readership and viewers for media outlets. It attracts the unlearned people who are totally ignorant about Islam, a false narrative of Islam. Through the actions of such elements, the western world visualizes a wrong concept of Islam. The word ‘Islam’ conjures up the vision of a marching band of religious fanatics with savage beards and fiery eyes, brandishing swords and attacking infidels.

This presentation of Islam as a crude and barbaric religion which gives itself the right to cause unwarranted human and material suffering and destruction under the guise of Divine Authority is not the kind of Islam we find in the Holy Quran and in the precepts of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

According to the Quran, God has bestowed honors on every individual, irrespective of skin color, race, nationality etc. No one must be killed, molested or maltreated. In a nutshell, maltreating in any shape and form is totally foreign to the teachings and doctrines of Islam. In other words, the philosophy of Islam totally rejects terrorism.

It is quite illogical that how can such scholars denunciate Islamophobia, yet promote the same! So-called “IMAMS” are fuelling the extremism to the furthest point.

Every pursuit and activity which disturbs peace is severely condemned in Islam. We find specific injunctions in the Holy Quran;

And Create not disorder in the Earth after it has set in order” …. (7:57, 11:86, 29:37).Mischief and wickedness are condemned in several other verses and Muslims are commanded to work wholly for peace.

The establishment of peace must, therefore, be the constant objective of all Muslims at all levels, so that, the peace and security of the world may be secured and personal enmities, grievances, and distances can all be transformed into a close bond of mutual love.

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