Deep contemplation and thoughts propel me to jot down the world’s biggest irony “World is civilized”. Bragging every now and then with the chants of civilised, humane and free world, if you believe in, certainly are we befooled. My dear intellectuals, could there be anything more heinous than Rohingya? Rivers of blood, pierced bodies, decapitated heads, toddlers drowned in the human-blood, spine-chilling scenes of murder, sexual outrage by nocuous monks and senescent’s being subjected to intense torture. The Rohingyas agony of torment is no less than a gehenna and the nimrods enjoyed dancing on their graves! No homes, no elders, no food, no mercy, no help. Alas! Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches!

We are living in a world where cows dominate humans, the latter being ruthlessly ran over to evade injuries to the former. A man is set ablaze and reduced to ashes in a broad daylight for the crime he never committed. People are being coerced to rot in the docks or hanged to death on the basis of either fabricated or circumstantial evidences. Chastity of feminine gender is torn apart with each passing day. Striving for one’s self esteem and liberty earn you the labels of terrorist or a staunch Islamic fanatic. Natives are required to prove their identity in front of the illegal occupiers. Hijabs and beards instigate furore and physical assault. Mere allegations of carrying beef costs your life. Verbal abuse and racial discrimination is everyday nuisance. Elliptically having a Muslim name is enough to set your alarm bells ringing. These goings-on portray some exquisite vile reflections towards Muslim community.

Ethnic cleansing in Rohingya, illegal subjugation of Al-Quds, bloodshed on the Palestinian streets, cold-blooded murders in Kashmir, deadly chemical-attacks in Syria, mass killings in Iraq, annihilating Afghanistan, catalysing plaque in Yemen, insurgency in Pakistan, precariousness in all Muslim countries and the toll seems to be infinite. Has anyone ever tried a hand to gauge the degree of barbarism. At large, Muslims are being spooked with the blitzkrieg of humiliation ,obloquy and acrimony in all gestural, verbal and behavioural forms thus fermenting Islamophobia.

The civilized world is considerate and sympathetic towards Manchester or New York attacks as according to them human lives do matter. Lo and behold! Little do they consider the Muslim -genocide or illegal subjugation an act of transgression. “Nobel prize for peace” is the biggest hee-haw of the century. It’s like a golden boot in soccer, the only difference is the number of Rohingya coffins, instead of the number of goals scored. One wonders how come you justify your heathenish stance towards us when even with a pea-sized brain, one could visualize that the whole barrel of rage seems to have been kept reserved for Muslims. Shadows of illusion have circumscribed our eyes, an illusion created for a reason probably we never could understand. Yes! Unfortunately the circle revolves around “Muslims”. Not to exaggerate, howbeit the prevailing conditions insinuate grudge against Muslims, abomination towards Shariah and the overall Islamic ideology which constitutes the facet of modern society(In general ). This piece is not intended to instigate rage against anyone but to make everyone conscious of the unanimous anathema towards Muslims-an unvarnished truth, no one could undermine among us. We are being left with flames of melancholy and despair blazing inside us ,watching our edifice burning to ashes.

However we are more accountable than anyone else for our pitfall . Stepping back on the ladders of the history, endeavors in terms of politics, power, knowledge, wisdom, technology,  everything was in our basket. What really bogged us down is what we ought to remember.Alas! Every individual is equally accountable for the mayhem. The fore faces of Muslim world have mortgaged their souls for a mess of pottage and if not unwise to say, we have excavated holes in our own arch. Spiritual hearts from the abysmal echoes cry the agony of our hopelessness! Leaving aside the laws of Quran, transgression in terms of social evils, suppression, corruption, deceit, mistrust,adultery, riba, so on and so forth, no stone has been left unturned by us thus sowing the seeds of self-destruction. Turning deaf ear and blind eye towards the impeccable and quintessential Seerah of beloved Prophet (s.a.w) beyond any dubiety has left the whole Ummah in the lurch. Allah swt clearly mentioned in the holy Quran “And whatsoever the Messenger gives you, take it, and whatsoever he forbids you, abstain (from it), and fear Allah. Verily, Allah is Severe in punishment.” (59:7). The exalted lord has warned us about our wrong doings and we have certainly faced or are facing the wrath, in every possible form, through every possible medium for nothing but transgression and disobedience. As a consequence, swords of tyranny revolves around Muslims and sufferings have engulfed us in every visible part of the world.

Need of the hour for Muslims is to come out of the vicious circle, gain consciousness from the deep slumber, act in accordance with Quranic principles, follow the footsteps of beloved Prophet (saw),give away wrong doings, make repentance and above all live in unity and harmony. Allah clearly states that “And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided”. Our lord dealt with the tyrants very well, brought their stratagem into naught and sabotaged them every single time. The macabre that has enshrouded us for ages should not desolate us and hope still rule our hearts with our hands praying, “O Lord, pour down upon us patience, make our steps firm and assist us against the tyrants!

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