We hardly get time for ourselves because of the poor lifestyle that we have these days. There is always stress in the back of our minds even when we sleep. Although, we know that this thing can lead us to many health problems, still we pay no attention or its better to say that ignore it.

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Because of the poor lifestyle men and women are even facing problems like infertility that can ruin their happy married life. And that is why we are telling you about some common mistakes that men make which are causing infertility in them.
Keeping phone in pocket

We very well know that the vibrations and radiations of mobile phones are harmful for our body but what most people don’t know is that these radiations and vibrations can decrease the sperm count by 9 percent.

Avoid keeping in the front pocket of your jeans if you want to enjoy fatherhood.
Spending time in high temperature

Men’s testicles require 4 degree lesser temperature than their body’s temperature to produce a healthy sperm.

But if they spend time in high temperature, there sperm count can decrease slowly.

It is said that being overweight can lead you many deadly health problems and decreased sperm is one of them.


The whole world knows that smoking has the most adverse effect on your health. It can cause impotency in men by reducing blood flow to the private parts.
It causes Erectile Dsyfunction in males.

Stress is the ignition point of every health problem. It can degrade the quality of sperm in men as it is defined by the overall health and mind state.


Just like smoking does it all in making a man impotent, man who consumes alcohol are five times higher on the risk of becoming infertile.
Tight Underwear

Wearing tight underwear increases the temperature of testicles as a result the production and quality of sperms decreases.
Malnutrition and anemia

A healthy diet is the key to overall health of the body. Malnutrition and anemia can decreases the sperm count and cause infertility in males.

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