Saudi Arabia, Egypt warn Trump over ‘dangerous move”


Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has warned President Donald Trump that moving the US embassy for Israel to Jerusalem was a "dangerous step" that could rile Muslims worldwide.
"Moving the US embassy is a dangerous step that provokes the feelings of Muslims around the world," state-run Al- Ekhbariya TV quoted King Salman as telling Trump in a phone call.
Israel and Saudi Arabia have no official diplomatic relations. 
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al- Sisi, one of Donald Trump’s closest allies in the Middle East, urged the US president to be cautious, his office said, after reports Washington was planning to move its Israel embassy to Jerusalem.
In a phone call, Sisi urged Trump "not to complicate the situation in the region by taking measures that jeopardise the chances of peace in the Middle East", the Egyptian leader’s spokesman Bassem Radi said in a statement.
Sisi also confirmed "Egypt’s consistent position on maintaining the legal status of Jerusalem within the framework of international standards and relevant United Nations resolutions", he said. 

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