Imran Khan bats for cooperation with India to ensure regional peace


Imran Khan today vowed to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state as he unveiled his party’s manifesto which said the "most viable" policy to ensure peace in the region was to cooperate with India, including on the Kashmir issue within the parameters of the UNSC resolutions.
The 65-year-old cricketer-turned-politician said his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has a 100- day plan to meet serious economic and administrative woes faced by the country if his party is voted to power in the July 25 elections.
On the foreign policy and national defence front, the PTI’s manifesto said the party would work on a blueprint towards resolving the Kashmir issue within the parameters of the UN Security Council resolutions. "For lasting peace within our own region, especially with our neighbour India, conflict resolution and the security route to cooperation is the most viable," the manifesto of the party said.
The manifesto said, PTI’s guiding principles will be of reciprocity, mutual interests and international norms that will govern Pakistan’s relations at the bilateral and multilateral levels. 
"We are committed to initiating new policies rooted in Pakistan’s priorities, including a conflict resolution approach towards improving our relation with our eastern and western neighbours," it said. 

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