Year on, displaced shopkeepers at Batamaloo bus stand await rehabilitation


Despite passing of one year many shopkeepers, who had got affected due to shifting of Batamaloo general bus stand, haven’t been rehabilitated.  
Though the affected traders have repeatedly submitted memorandum of demands before authorities urging government to construct commercial spaces for them at proposed mini-secretariat, they have been left high and dry.
Around 1200 shopkeepers who were running their businesses inside the bus stand were badly hit when the government shifted the bus stand in September 2017.
General secretary of traders union, Iqbal market Batamaloo, Muhammad Yaseen Guru said all shopkeepers were at verge of starvation.
“Our business has been badly hit. Despite assurance, the authorities have taken no step to rehabilitation us,” he said, urging the government to allow some traffic movement from Batamaloo stand which could bring vibrancy to their business.
He said there were several sumo stands in city centre. “Why only Batamaloo sumo stand was targeted?” he asked. In a fresh memorandum submitted to advisor to Governor and other authorities, Batamaloo traders have appealed the government to construct shopping mall at Batamaloo bus stand to rehabilitate affected shopkeepers.
A group of shopkeepers said each business had employed at least five persons each and hence more than 6000 people would earn their livelihood from the bustling market at Batamaloo.
“As of now 15,000 of these people have been disengaged by the business units. In case corrective steps are not taken situation can go from bad to worse,” they said.
Divisional commissioner Kashmir Baseer Khan said that rehabilitation plan for Batamaloo traders was ready and would be implemented “soon”.    

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