Yasin Malik joins protest


Joining the families of Kashmiri prisoners lodged in Tihar in their protest on Sunday, JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik alleged that “all prisoners lodged in Tihar are treated like animals.”
“Today, I am joining the family members of those who were recently thrashed in Tihar to express my solidarity with them. The recent incident of manhandling and severe beating of prisoners reflects Tihar is not a prison but actually a zoo where prisoners are treated like animals,” Malik told reporters.
 He said according to Geneva Convention that guarantees rights to prisoners, the inmates lodged in Tihar should not have been deprived of the basic facilities that include food, clothing and medical aid. “The Geneva Convention says that even if there is a prisoner of an enemy country, he should be given proper rights. But in Tihar, recent brutal assault has taken the lid of everything. Worst torture and thrashing our prisoners were subjected to recently be very painful and we can’t remain silent on it,” Malik said. He appealed international human rights organisations to take serious note of the brutal assault on prisoners. The protestors were carrying pla-cards displaying slogans, “shift Kashmiri prisoners to Srinagar.”

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