With no end to dry spell, people offer prayer for rains


With no end to dry spell in Kashmir so far, hundreds of people on Thursday offered Salatul-Istisqa, here at a religious seminary and prayed for rains and snow.
The Salatul-Istisqa prayer was offered at Darul uloom Bilaliya at Lal Bazar here. The prayer was led by Mufti Abdul Rashid, head of the Darul uloom.
Hundreds of people from Srinagar and other places offered Salatul-Istisqa and prayed for the end of around two month long dry spell.
This is for the first time in recent past when such a large number of people offered prayers for rain and snow.  To mention, this winter recorded extremely dry and cold weather conditions, leading to many problems that include health related ailments among the children and elderly and problems to agricultural practices.
Records suggest that from 1st January to 31 January  Srinagar received only 1.2mm of precipitation in the form of rain whereas it was 37mm rain, snow last month. 
Kashmir is also facing major drinking water crisis due to continuous dry spell and as a result of which the water bodies have largely dried up. The Chillai Klan, the harshest 40-day winter period, this season mostly witnessed beaming sunshine and unusual hot days.
Apart from people facing drinking water shortage, dry weather is also a matter of concern for those related to agriculture. The farmers say if the dry spell continues then it will affect their crop production. They added that dry spell also gives rise to several crop diseases.

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