‘Wall of Kindness’ aims to help underprivileged stay warm


To help under privileged people get warm clothes in harsh winter conditions in the summer capital, a voluntary group as part of a worldwide campaign have come up with a ‘Wall of Kindness’ at The Bund here.
The organisers said the ‘Wall of Kindness’ is an Iranian concept of charity to help needy people to get warm clothes to beat winter chill. 
The concept has been introduced in the summer capital by Kashmir chapter of ‘Who is Hussain’, the worldwide campaign having representation in more than 60 countries. 
On the ‘Wall of Kindness”, one can leave clothes, books, shoes, blankets and utensils as well as food for homeless and poor. 
“The Wall of kindness goes with the tagline of ‘Take if you need, hang if you have,” a place where anyone can contribute clothes in view of harsh winter,” said Abrar Ali, a member Who is Hussain. 
As soon as the novel concept went viral on various social media, it was supported and praised by citizens who offered to donate their clothes.
“We have started the concept with a hope that it gives a platform to people who want to donate. It’s easy and simple –anyone can donate clothes simply by hanging it and anyone in need can take it,” Abrar said. 
“We want the concept to be taken forward by general masses especially youth and take this initiative and start similar walls in their own communities and Mohalla levels as well,” said Mir Atif, another member of Who is Hussain.
The organisation has begun this welfare process, that encourages sharing, by painting a wall at the Bund. The organisers and if the initiative would succeed they have plans to create more such walls. 
“For now we have taken up only one wall at the Bund in the first phase of the activity. We have only received a temporary permission from the authorities. We are highly thankful to SMC for their support,” said Abrar.

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