Urs of Hazrat Syed Taj-Ud-Din Hamdani (RA) observed


The  Urs of Hazrat Syed Taj-Ud-Din Hamdani (RA) was observed at Shampora Nowhatta in Downtown on Tuesday with fervor. 
On the occasion large number of devotees offered special prayers at the shrine, which resounded with recitations of verses of Holy Quran.
The Urs of Syed Taj-ud-Din Hamdani (RA) is observed on 11th  Rajab-ul-Murajjab every year seventh month of the Islamic calendar.
Syed Hussain Hamdani of Khanqah-e-Shokhta Nawakadal, a descendant of the saint said: “ Hazrat Syed Taj-Ud-Din Hamdani (RA) was a famous saint, scholar, and religious leader of 8th century (Hijri). He was born in Hamdan (Iran). His lineage is linked to his father Hazrat Syed Hassan Hussaini (RA) and subsequently with Hazrat Ali Murtaza (AS). He was elder son of Hazrat Syed Hassan Hussaini (RA) and cousin brother of Hazrat Amir Kabir Mir Syed Ali Hamdani (RA)."
"Hazrat Syed Taj-Ud-Din Hamdani migrated to Kashmir with his family including his wife, son Syed Hassan Bahdur popularly known as Rustum-e-Hind and a daughter Syeda Aaliya Khatoon” said  Dr. Syed Nazim Hamdani another descendant of the saint. When Syed Taj-Ud-Din Hamdani (RA) left this world, his remains were laid to rest at Shampora Nowhatta 
Meanwhile under the banner of Bazme-Sadaat-e-Hamdani,  several  Duaiya Majlis and a Quran  Khanwan was held.  

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