Theft of 400-year-old Holy Quran copy from SPS Museum


The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has closed investigation of a case related to theft of 400-year old copy of holy Quran, handwritten by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. 
The holy manuscript which was said to have been written using ink blended with gold and saffron, was stolen from SPS Museum here in 2003.  
In its status report the CBI has informed the High Court that it could not trace out the holy manuscript and filed closure report of the case as “untraced” before Chief Judicial Magistrate Srinagar.  
The probing agency has said that investigation was handicapped on account of the fact there was a delay of more than 13 years between the date of incident and handing over of the investigation to it.   
The central agency said non-lifting of finger prints from the crime scene and absence of photograph of stolen manuscript with museum proved an impediment for its investigation.    
The CBI also attributed failure to trace the holy Quran to non-existing records in the museum which it said are stated to have lost during 2004 floods.  
The agency said despite best efforts neither offenders nor the copy of the holy Quran could be identified or recovered and there was “no possibility of identifying the same or getting any additional information which may lead to recovery of the stolen item”.    
In September 2015, the High Court had handed over the probe to CBI after Crime Branch had failed to solve the case of theft of holy Quran and other artifacts of historical importance.
In 2003 police station Rajbagh had registered case in the theft after employees of the museum found a wooden locker broken and rare copy of the Quran missing.

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