Tassaduq Mufti calls for sustainable mining practices


SRINAGAR: Coordinator Chief Minister’s Grievance Cell, Tassaduq Hussain Mufti, today took cognizance of grievances originating due to indiscriminate mining and called for making concerted measures to curb the menace of illegal mining in the State.
During the meeting with Director Geology and Mining, the Coordinator discussed threadbare various measures for sustainable mining practices across the State. He said the indiscriminate mining has adversely impacted the ecology and environment of the region. It has made several areas vulnerable and dangerous for the local populace living in the neighborhood of the mining regions, he added.
The Coordinator expressed his concern at stone quarrying where the cutting heights have reached the permissible limits making it more dangerous which has also made the surrounding land less productive and even barren at several places.
In light of the grievances, the Coordinator suggested on following sustainable mining practices which are currently in vogue in several progressive countries and strictly adhere to the Indian mining guidelines. He suggested on shutting down illegal and unregulated mines, cleaning up the sites of shut down mines, choosing environmentally friendly general mining processes and implementing recently discovered green mining technologies.
He also called for contour mining or terraced mining in place of current mining techniques which are hazardous for our environment as well as human resource. He stressed on having green belts around mining regions so that the effects of pollution are minimized along with concrete steps to be taken for mine site reclamation.

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