Switching off traffic lights in peak hours cause gridlocks


The unusual practice of traffic police to switch off traffic lights during peak hours leads to frequent traffic jams in various areas here
The commuters said frequent switching off traffic lights at vital intersections take a heavy toll on the commuters as the traffic regulation goes from bad to worse due to this practice.
“On evenings, I frequent get stuck in traffic jam at SRTC Bridge as authorities switch off traffic lights at Banquet Hall crossing” said a commuter.
He added that it was better to enhance the time slot for the route as per its vehicular flow dysfunctional. 
In absence of regulation, traffic jams have increased on various areas in the city from past several weeks. Authorities have also failed to prevent wrong parking on roadsides.
Gridlocks have become a norm with every commuters struggling for every inch. Students, who are appearing in various examinations these days, are also the victim of delays caused by these jams.
“Frequent traffic jams on city roads signifies failure of authorities to streamline traffic system. Besides, commuters are also to be blamed as they don’t follow traffic rules,” said Dilshad Ahmad of Dalgate.
Senior superintendent of police traffic Srinagar city Al Tahir Geelani said the traffic lights are closed as their calibration does not meet the traffic flow load. So, it was regulated manually.”

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