SMC abandons drainage construction at Residency Road


Signifying lackadaisical attitude in executing vital projects, Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has abandoned drainage construction at Residency Road here giving a tough time to commuters.  
Roadside along the busy Residency Road, which was used by commuters for parking, has been dug up and refilled by soil and bajri. The refilled portion has caved in at several places posing risk of accidents and injuries to pedestrians. 
The construction of drainage system from Polo View to Court Road was taken up by SMC’s city drainage unit in June last year.
“Ill-planning by SMC officials has left the Residency Road vandalised. They dig up the road, lay pipes and refill it temporally. The work was going on at a snail’s pace and has now been abandoned,” said Ashraf Ahmad, a commuter.
Seconding him, Aamir Ahmad, a salesman said that customers struggle to park their vehicles due to incomplete drainage construction. 
“Two vital parking slots from Regal Chowk to Ghanta Ghar are already under upgradation. Where will the commuters park their vehicles as the roadside parking place at Regal Chowk has been left in mess,” said Danish Ahmad, a local of Abi Guzar.
The haphazard construction has resulted in choking of the existing surface drain. The problem has been compounded as the work on the project goes on for few days and then stops for several weeks.
Firdous Ahmad, a salesman at Regal Chowk said that haphazard refilling of dug up portion results in scattering of construction material.  “The development works are meant to make life of common people easier, boost business and ease the traffic in congested areas. Ironically, in Srinagar the development works have opposite results,” he rued.
Vehicles, especially two wheelers slip while trying to cross the haphazardly refilled portion as the road connects with several link roads used by hundreds of commuters on daily basis.
Qazi Imitiyaz, executive engineer SMC city drainage said that entire dilapidated stretch will be macadamized shortly.
He said the work on the drainage construction will resume shortly.

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