Sheikh Bagh traders appeal authorities


Traders of Sheikh Bagh have appealed the government to preserve the decades old masjid in the area.  
A delegation of traders and contractors claimed that Srinagar Development Authority (SDA) plans to demolish the masjid which is situated in corner of the under construction multi-storied parking. 
“We don’t have any issue in demolition of the office of contractors association as we can easily relocate it. But we have objections regarding demolition of the decades old masjid with which public sentiment is associated”, said Mushtaq Ahmad Wani, a member of the association.  
“The late Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed had directed authorities not to demolish the masjid as huge gathering of shopkeepers and locals offer prayers there. Besides, it also caters to huge gatherings of worshippers during Ramadan” the delegation said.

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