RUN-UP TO EID: Customised designer cakes an instant hit


In the run up to the Eid, “designer cakes” in Kashmir have become an instant hit, with the female entrepreneurs specialising in cake-making witnessing a sharp increase in orders.
Farah Tanki of Brane-Nishat, here who runs “Sweet Mixc Up” says that she has been receiving orders for the ‘specialty cakes’ from across the Valley. “The trend of high-end cakes has found a great acceptability in Kashmir,” she believes.
A designer cake involves a lot of effort to have rich visual appeal. “Instead of being just a simple bakery product, the designer cake conveys a message regarding the person who orders it or the occasion it is ordered for,” Tanki explains.   
Tanki says fresh-fruit cakes have been popular ahead of this Eid.
Another city based cake designer Zehra says she has been getting good response to her designer cakes. “I have a Facebook page for my brand and images of most of my designed cakes are uploaded there. Sometimes I make cakes according to the choice of the customers who wish them to be in a particular design,” she says, adding there is a great scope for designer cake-making as bakery is a popular item in Kashmir. 
Babar Chowdhary, managing director, Hattrick Group of Industries which runs the popular bakery chain Hattrick said, “Pastries and cakes are the most in demand. Many customers are asking for decorated customized cakes." 
There is an increased demand for decorated cakes on this Eid, said Omar Mukhtar, president, Kashmir Bakers’ and Confectioners’ Association.
“Rush for bakery is further expected to increase in the coming days ahead of Eid. Even most of the leading restaurants and cafes are selling bakery on the eve of Eid. Any new concept such as customised cakes clicks well with the people," he said.

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