Noora Hospital commemorates World Kidney Day


Noora Hospital here organised awareness cum free kidney screening program here to mark the World Kidney Day.  
The event was organized to commemorate World Kidney Day and International Women’s Day. On the occasion, specialists delivered lectures on significance of kidneys and women’s health.
An interaction session was also held with the locals and patients related to the kidney diseases.
In his address, Dr Abdul Rashid, consultant Nephrology unit of Noora Hospital said that most of the kidney-related diseases don’t show any serious symptoms. “50 percent of kidney patients fail to notice kidney related diseases. In Kashmir, we are used to go through tests like thyroid while people take kidney health lightly. There should be yearly screening test of kidneys even if the person is healthy”, he said. 
Manzoor Ahmed Wagay, managing director, Noora Hospital said that “we will continue to organize such events and educate people on health related issues.” 
“The job of hospitals is not only to cure diseases, but also to educate people on various health issues. After the event, we will be providing free screening, consultation and tests to patients”, Wagay said.
A special focus was given on the women’s health in context to kidney diseases in women.
Doctors discussed chronic kidney disease (CKD) in women. They said that kidney diseases currently affects approximately 195 million women worldwide and it is currently the eighth leading cause of death in women, with close to 600,000 deaths each year.

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