Nalbal residents stage protest to press for cleaning Khushalsar lake


Inhabitants of Nalbal area in Downtown on Sunday held a protest at Press Enclave here demanding immediate cleaning-up and de-weeding of  Khushalsar lake. 
According to the locals, Khushalsar located between Hawal and Zadibal has  squeezed to half its size due to negligence of authorities”. Dozens of locals from the area who had gathered here demanded immediate cleaning of the waterbody.
Abdul Rasheed Baba, a local of Nalai Ameer Khan said Khushalsar has been made dumping ground for the weed removed from the Dal lake. Baba said presence of the heaps of weed dumped in the wetland causes a pungent stench in the vicinity— causing inconvenience to the locals.  
“The practice of dumping the weed removed from Dal Lake into Khushalsar started after the 2014 floods. We have approached the concerned authorities on several times that this lake should be saved but to no avail,” said Baba.
To mention, Khushal Sar is demarcated from Gill Sar, another water body, near Gill Kadal. It used to once stretch up to Zoonimar, Aali Masjid and was connected with Anchar Lake.  
Another elderly inhabitant of the area recounted that once potable water from Khushalsar used to be consumed by the locals. 
“We are in a complete disbelief regarding the condition of Khushalsar. The people who used to pray in the nearby mosque in our area also used this water for ablution. But today the heaps of weed in the lake is proving to be a menace as we can’t even go close to it due to the stench,” the inhabitant said.    
The protesting inhabitants said LAWDA has failed to launch conservation of Khushalsar. “The Khushalsar used to be 18-feet deep once but today, it is a just like a garbage dump. We are forced to keep our windows closed to stay away from the stench,” said Muhammad Lateef, a resident.

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