LAWDA conducts demolition drive


Lakes and Waterways Development Authority conducted demolition drive today conducted demolition at Saidakadal, Ashaibagh, Hazratbal and Rainawari. 
“Four single storey structures and one room were demolished at Saidabagh Saidakadal, Haji Mohalla Karam Shah road, Abi Gurpora Rainawari and Hazratbal respectively.
Theses structured were raised illegally by some miscreants in clear violation of High Court directions. During the demolition there was resistance from the locals of the area especially from women folk, but demolition squad continued with the demolition and raised structures were demolished,” Enforcement officer LAWDA said in a statement. 
Meanwhile, local news agency KNS said that acting on complaints, divisional commissioner Kashmir, directed the vice chairman LAWDA to take action against the illegally raised shops if any outside the gate of famous Cheshmashahi Garden.

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