Injured horse left to die on roadside at Chanapora


In a glaring example of failure of authorities especially Srinagar Municipal Corporation to take care of stray animals, a horse with a broken leg has been left to die on roadside at Chanapora here.
A little girl is taking care of this horse as authorities have failed to take care of the animal. No one has so far claimed ownership of horse. Locals believe that the horse has been abandoned by its owner after the animal suffered injuries and couldn’t be used for any purpose.  The horse is lying near Sir Syed Lane Chanapora from past several days. 
“A leg of the horse is broken and often bleeds. We informed concerned authorities, however, no one has so far bothered to shift the animal” said Adil Ahmad, a local youth.
A girl Sana Khan is presently taking care of this horse. “We informed SMC authorities to shift the horse for treatment, but to no avail,” Sana said.
She added that no one from SMC came to rescue the horse. “Condition of the horse is heart-wrenching. We can hardly bear to stand in front of the animal as it moans due to intense pain,” Sana said. 
She has been putting vegetable and water infront of the horse. “A group of local youth tried to board the horse in a vehicle to ferry it to safer place. However, they failed as the horse in unable to move,” she said.
Dr Ravi Singh, deputy director veterinary hospital said that he along with the team of doctors “treated” the horse. “But we don’t have vehicle to shift it to the hospital. Only SMC has such type of vehicles,” he said. 
“The life of horse can be saved if amputate the injured leg. But we can’t perform the procedure on road.  We have asked locals to bring him to hospital. We are still waiting for them. Our services are available every time,” he said.  No SMC official was available for comments. 

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